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About Us

PARI media is a decentralized prediction market platform that allows users to bet on the outcomes of real-world events, such as political elections, sports matches, and various current events. It operates on the BSC blockchain to enhance transaction speeds and reduce costs.

How to make money?

Users select an event of interest on the platform and place a bet on its outcome. The user wins according to the following rules:


Fair distribution of winnings

The winning party receives their share of the winnings based on their bet, fairly distributing the total among participants.


Fair distribution of winnings

The winnings are taken from the losing party minus the company commission and the event creator's commission.

how to make money?

How much do our clients earn?

The winning party receives their share of the winnings according to their bet, ensuring fair distribution among all participants. The total winnings are collected from the losing party, minus the company commission and the event creator's commission. Create your own events to maximize earnings

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Creating Events

Create events, attract participants and earn from it. Your initiative and creativity will bring you income.

Financial Benefit

At the end of the event, the creator receives a 1% commission from the losing party.

Cost of organization

Organizing an event costs 100 USDT, but it is an investment that pays off thanks to your activity and the participants you attract.

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We are incubated in CyberBase

PARImedia is a company incubated by cybase.io and contributes 30% of its profits to the company's token.

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We're Talked About

Hi there! I've discovered http://Pari.Media — the new, cool platform for casting predictions on real-world events that operates on smart contracts! You can create an event yourself or cast a prediction on existing ones. I've created an event that predicts the Bitcoin price by the end of June 21st: will it be higher than $75,000 or not? The process was smooth and straightforward!

May the luckiest win!



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Join me on http://pari.media, the market prediction platform! @lourdesanchezok and I have opposing predictions on Bitcoin's price. Will it hit $75,000 by June 21st? I bet it will! What do you think?

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The Cryptomist


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We are thrilled to announce that PARImedia is now LIVE!

This revolutionary platform is set to transform prediction market through the power of decentralized technology.

🔔 PARImedia stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of the CyberBase ecosystem, showcasing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions within the blockchain space.



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